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Name Directory Official registration *Rsync server,
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State Mirmon
Mirror monitor

Alpine /mirrors/pub/alpine Ongoing online Alpine mirror list

/mirrors/pub/antergos 2018.05.26. online N/A

Arch Linux /mirrors/pub/archlinux 2018.12.10. online Arch Linux mirror list

Arch Linux mirrors' state

QM status

Artix Linux /mirrors/pub/artix-linux 2019.10.29. aktĂ­v Artix Linux mirror list

BlackArch /mirrors/pub/blackarch 2018.12.04. online Blackarch mirror list

CentOS /mirrors/pub/centos 2018.12.10. online CentOS mirmon

CentOS mirror list

CentOS AltArch /mirrors/pub/centos-altarch 2018.12.10. online CentOS AltArch mirrors
Debian /mirrors/pub/debian Ongoing online Debian mirror list #1

Debian mirror list #2

Debian rsync mirrors
/mirrors/pub/debian-cd Ongoing online
Deepin /mirrors/pub/deepin 2019.03.22. online Deepin repository mirrors

Deepin ISO mirrors
/mirrors/pub/deepin-cd ~2020.07. online
Devuan /mirrors/pub/devuan Ongoing online Devuan mirror list
/mirrors/pub/devuan-cd Ongoing online

Endless OS /mirrors/pub/endlessos 2019.10.23. online EndlessOS Mirrorbits

EPEL /mirrors/pub/epel Ongoing online Epel mirror list

Gentoo Linux /mirrors/pub/gentoo Ongoing - not accepting
more mirrors from the region
online Gentoo mirmon

Gentoo mirror list

Gimp /mirrors/pub/gimp Ongoing online GIMP official mirror list

GNU /mirrors/pub/gnu 2017.02.26. online GNU FTP mirror list

GNU Alpha /mirrors/pub/gnualpha online GNU Alpha mirror list

(Non)GNU Savannah /mirrors/pub/gnusavannah online (Non)GNU Savannah mirror list

(Non)GNU Savannah mirmon

HardenedBSD /mirrors/pub/HardenedBSD Ongoing online HardenedBSD mirror list

IPFire /mirrors/pub/ipfire 2017.01.23. online IPFire mirmon

Kali Linux
(Only installation images)
/mirrors/pub/kali-images 2019.01.12. online Repo mirror list

Image mirror list

Kali mirrors' status

LibreOffice /mirrors/pub/tdf/libreoffice 2016.12.28. online LibreOffice mirmon

Linux Lite /mirrors/pub/linuxlite 2018.08.20. online Linux Lite mirror list and state

Linux Mint /mirrors/linuxmint 2016.11.27. quantum-mirror.hu::linuxmint online Linux Mint ISO and repository mirror list
/mirrors/linuxmint/iso online
/mirrors/linuxmint/packages ~2017.05.24. online

Mageia /mirrors/pub/mageia 2019.12.03. online Mageia mirror adatabase

The state of the Mageia mirrors

(only repository)
/mirrors/pub/manjaro 2017.01.26. online Manjaro mirmon

MX Linux


antix Linux
/mirrors/pub/mx-linux 2018.12.03. online MX Linux mirror list

antiX Linux ISO
repository list

MX ISO mirmon
MX package mirmon

openSUSE /mirrors/pub/opensuse 2017.02.22. online openSUSE mirmon

openSUSE status

OPNsense /mirrors/pub/opnsense 2020.02.07. online OPNsense mirror list

Parabola /mirrors/pub/parabola Ongoing online Parabola mirror list

The status of the Parabola mirrors

Parrot /mirrors/pub/parrot 2019.01.05. online Parrot mirror list

Porteus /mirrors/pub/porteus Ongoing -
no response...
online Porteus mirror list

Qubes OS /mirrors/pub/qubes 2018.09.20. online Qubes OS mirror list

Raspbian /mirrors/pub/raspbian 2018.08.22. online Raspbian mirror list

Runtu /mirrors/pub/runtu 2019.01.04. online Runtu mirror list

Slackware Linux /mirrors/pub/slackware 2018.08.25. online Slackware mirror informational site

Slackware mirror list

SolydXK /mirrors/pub/solydxk 2019.12.06. online Solydxk mirror list

Tails /mirrors/pub/tails 2019.01.04. online N/A

Trisquel /mirrors/pub/trisquel 2017.08.02. online Trisquel mirmon

TurnKey Linux /mirrors/pub/turnkeylinux 2020.02.17. online Turnkey Linux mirror list
Ubuntu /mirrors/pub/ubuntu 2018.12.17. online Ubuntu archive mirrors

Ubuntu CD mirrors
/mirrors/pub/ubuntu-releases online
/mirrors/pub/cdimage.ubuntu.com online

/mirrors/pub/uhu Unregistered online N/A

UHU-Linux-UBK /mirrors/pub/ubk Ongoing online N/A

Void Linux /mirrors/pub/voidlinux ~2020.07.11. online Void Linux mirror list

Whonix /mirrors/pub/whonix 2020.04.20. online Whonix mirror list


The actual size of the distributions and projects can be found here and the half yearly updated summary list is available here.

*The maximum number of concurrent connections limited to 60.


Currently supported protocols:    IPv4, https, http, rsync