07/21/2020 - ISP maintenance


"Dear Customers!

Our employees will perform the maintenance work of our Miskolc network on 07/23/2020 between 00:01 am and 06:00 am, therefore there may be outages in our internet and telephone services in some areas.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!"


07/11/2020 - Optical network development


Due to the development of the optical network of the service on 07/14/2020, super.quantum-mirror.hu will be temporarily redirected to nova.quantum-mirror.hu from 6 am. If the works go according to plan, everything will be back on track by the evening hours at the latest. During this time interval, synchronization of distributions will also be paused to prevent rsync processes from getting stuck.

Due to the development of the optical network of the service, during 07/15/2020, nova.quantum-mirror.hu will be temporarily redirected to super.quantum-mirror.hu. The change does not interrupt the synchronization of distributions. The works are planned to be end by no later than 07/16/2020 in the evening.

Of the monitoring systems, Pingdom will provide meaningful information, and the bandwidth of the service will be halved during the upgrades, resulting in a smaller slowdown in downloads.

The goal is to ensure that improvements do not cause downtime in the continuity of service, but if an error would occur during the process, I apologize in advance for that. Thank you in advance for your understanding!


11/27/2019 - Re-birthday with a traffic record


Wanbs - Rebirth  &  5.99 TB / day  


07/18/2019 - Situation Report


One year after the domain chnage, I would like to introduce what changes, developments have taken place in the service and what are the future plans.

The domain has been extended for 5 years, so I would like to indicate that you can count on the service in the distant future.

Since July 2018, the following distributions have been placed on the server: Arch Linux, Balckarch, CentOS, CentOS Altarch, MX & antix Linux, Ubuntu, Tails, Runtu, Raspbian, Qubes OS, Parrot Linux, Kali Linux(iso), Deepin Linux(packages), Slackware, Gentoo Linux and Trisquel finally got the repository alongside with the isos.

When you use Linux Mint, you can automatically connect to the server using https in software source settings, which is a rare rarity for LM mirrors, or if you want the ubuntu (basic mirror server) to be https, you can rewrite it from http to https - in case of Linux Mint 18.x, 19.x and quantum-mirror server - in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list. If you may mess up something, there is no problem, because on the graphical interface, if you re-select a server and approve it, it corrects the wrong configuration.

Regarding to LibreOffice, only this server offers https connectivity in Hungary and is also present as https web seed, which is also a rare thing among mirror servers.

You can also see that some projects and distributions have long been called "registration in progress" or that the rubric is empty, the reason of this being either not responding to the email, or no contact address, or the current distribution does not accept more mirror servers (such as Gentoo Linux).

For the reasons mentioned above and because there are a few distributions, the development of which has come to an end (eg. UHU, Antergos Linux), the distribution page will be clarified, synchronization of "dead" distributions will be ended, but will remain available on the server and new distributions will be registered eg. Devuan.


The following processes have been automated, made available, or expanded:

- update library size on the distribution page

- display current connections (http, https, rsyncd)

- display daily / monthly / total network traffic

- a public rsync status page showing the synchronization state of the distribution and projects, and the previous Google map has been changed to OpenStreetMap on the status page.


For those who synchronize from QM, an important innovation is the News RSS and Uptime RSS streams, so that any access problems that occur on the mirror server are immediately notified and not later discovered that something is wrong and also the latest news and changes can be quickly found.

News RSS is updated from the noc.quantum-mirror.hu subdomain, and Uptime RSS from Uptimerobot's servers, so they remain available even if the mirror has a problem.

In addition, on the above-mentioned subdomain you can monitor the status of the service through the monitoring systems of Pingdom and Uptimerobot.

Since the bandwidth is currently running out, it is worthwhile to perform the first synchronization between the night and the morning hours from 01:00 to 08:00, then there is approx. a 90-130Mb/s reserve in the system, and the use of flock for sync is strongly recommended.

The number of simultaneous Rsync connections has changed from 30 to 60.

As I mentioned above, the bandwidth is running out, and in the light of this, a new line of 350Mb/s upload bandwidth will be in service within a few weeks, so the current slow downloads will accelerate significantly. This will soon be the subject of detailed information in the news section. Subsequently, a significant increase in bandwidth is expected at the end of the year, but no later than in the first third of the following year.


New menu items

Mirrors and HPCs subpage has gathered the currently active Hungarian mirror servers - if I missed one of them, then let me know, I could find these without a lot of search. It is good to see that the Széchenyi István University - although they have long been there with an unregistered Ubuntu Mirror - and the Governmental Information-Technology Development Agency have also appeared in the list, maybe something slowly starts at higher levels.

Although not a novelty, you could observe the two small padlocks on the pages, one makes it easy to switch to http and the other to https. I thought the freedom of choice should be left here too and easier to use these, than to manually rewrite the url. Otherwise, the server does not use automatic redirection to https, because many distribution package handlers and scanners still use http as default, so it would be problematic for them. There are also no custom header and fancy index because of mirrorbrain problems with http-based scanning, so even though many distro have been used rsync for this purpose, I wanted to reduce the number of problems resulting from this to zero.

There is no need to explain a lot the useful links subpage, imported from a previous site, and added some new links, thanks to the suggestions of enthusiastic users.

Under the sponsors menu, you can find companies that support the operation and development of the mirror with their service or hardware. Thank you for your kind support!


Support and offerings

I have received a lot of congratulations and hardware offerings from private individuals, which I am grateful for, but unfortunately I cannot accept the offerings for system compatibility and stability reasons, but I do not want to offend them by completely refusing their support, so within a few days and Thanks to Hellotux quality clothing items with Quantum Mirror embroidery will soon be available and after your orders, the mirror service will get free shirts, preserving the nonprofit nature of the site.

Furthermore, if you have some free time and want to help with the work of the Linux Mint Hungarian community, you can volunteer at linuxmint.com and help you. articles in writing, translated. Although the service is not affiliated with linuxmint.com, I think Linux Mint Mate is one of the easiest-to-use distributions for beginners and it would be a pity if the Hungarian community site ceased to exist.


Future plans and developments

In addition to adding additional distributions and projects, becoming an Archlinux Tier1 mirror also included in the plans as well as mirroring Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap projects.

The service won't be an Ubuntu and Debian country mirror on the one hand, because there is already a mirror that successfully fulfills this role for about 20 years, and on the other hand I would like to leave the freedom of choice in this case as well.

The development of the new 200TB system is underway, unfortunately it depends on hardware that has not yet been commercially available, so a little delay is expected.



Finally, I would like to thank the professional work of the staff of ÉMÁSZ Nyrt. and Digi Kft., which guarantees the 99.95% data center grade availability for the service, and I would also like to express my special gratitude for the active assistance of the user - for his request without the indication of his name - who has also helped to solve the connectivity problem of users on the Digi NAT network last summer.


11/29/2018 - Sync problem


Due to two stuck rsync processes, two distributions were not updated properly.

The last functional synchronization of the Manjaro distro runs on November 23, Blackarch on October 18 - despite the flock. Unfortunately Manjaro's mirror monitor system was not warned about the unsynchronized data, this problem was reported to the developer of the given distribution. The synchronization of the affected distributions was restored early this afternoon, hereby I apologize to the Manjaro users - Balckarch is not yet officially registered - and, in order to prevent this kind of problem from occurring in the future, a public rsync diagnostic page will be introduced in the near future - alongside many other novelties.

The error was detected and reported by a Manjaro user - Tibor Vucskics - what I would like to thank him for that!

Since on Manjaro's side no errors were registered during the period concerned and the problem has not occurred since the fix was completed the investigation is over.


11/27/2018 - Another year has passed, another birthday has come


I'm already 2 years old.


06/29/2018 - Domain change and new functions


DNS change

The service domain name has been changed to  quantum-mirror.hu .
From the old name, the service will still be available until the changeover occurs on all distributions.

HTTPS and public RSYNC connection

The new domain is already accessible through https, and public rsync is available for up to 30 simultaneous connections.

Introduction of a new monitoring system

Thanks to the Uptimerobot service, a new public monitoring system has been introduced, which also appears on the HTTPS page, and it's direct address status2.quantum-mirror.hu.

Storage capacity expansion

The storage capacity has been increased to 36TB, the first step towards the 200TB goal, which is expected to be accomplished by the end of 2019, naturally with a significant bandwidth expansion.

Contact e-mail address change

The mailing address changed to  root [at] quantum-mirror [dot] hu .


11/27/2017 - Our mirror service is 1 year old today



02/26/2017 - The GNU project is on board


GNU, GNU Alpha and Savannah projects are now available for download from our server.


01/26/2017 - We have added new distributions and projects to our mirror service


Software can be downloaded from our mirror server.




Manjaro Linux (only repository)

Trisquel (only ISO)

OpenSUSE Leap


11/28/2016 - 11/29/2016 - Mirror server optimization


We have optimized our mirror server between 11/28/2017 11:30 PM - 11/29/2017 01:00 AM, which resulted in improved access times. The service temporarily paused during the aforementioned time interval.
Retrospectively thank you for your patience and understanding!


11/27/2016 - We have become an Official Linux Mint download and software storage (repository) mirror


Currently, the links of the install images (ISOs) on our mirror server are now available from the official Linux Mint website. In the operating system update manager, the server will be placed in the package mirror server list after a mirror-list package update that is expected in 2-3 weeks time.

Anyone who is impatient and wants software updates and upgrades from our server now has nothing else to do just grab the nano editor and in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list replace the
deb http://packages.linuxmint.com rosa main upstream import    with the
deb http://quantum-mirror.hu/mirrors/linuxmint/packages/ rosa main upstream import    line.

So as Linux Mint 17.3 MATE, you have to type these lines in the terminal:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list
(The password must be given to run the command),

then replace the displayed repository with the line below

deb http://packages.linuxmint.com rosa main upstream import

deb http://quantum-mirror.hu/mirrors/linuxmint/packages/ rosa main upstream import

after that in the nano save with ctrl+o enter , and exit with ctrl+x .

Next, either you need to issue sudo apt-get update from the command line, or simply use the graphical update manager (small shield) to simply look for new updates, and basically the setting has been fully enforced.

This modification will have no adverse side effects for the update manager because when the server becomes officially available in the list, or just use another server instead, the file will automatically overwrite with the new settings.